Years Established

The motto of the 48 Group Club is ‘Equality and Mutual Benefit’ and it echoes the words of Zhou Enlai, China’s much-respected Premier from 1949 to 1976, who first used that phrase in 1953. Over the ensuing years, this commercial group, funded by its members, grew to be the most respected name in China-Britain trade, a name well known throughout China. The Group provided support and consultancy services to British companies entering China’s markets.

Today, 60 years after the ‘Icebreakers’ mission the 48 Group Club continues to develop the work of promoting positive Sino-British relations and Club members believe they have a vital role in unfreezing the cultural deficit between China and the world.

Understanding China's Policies

Gain a much deeper understanding of China and the way in which it works internally to improve your position to operate there.

Exclusive Events & News

The 48 Group Club holds a varied calendar of events across the year. Events include the Annual China Business Awards, New Year Banquet and Icebreaker Awards.

Strategy Consultancy & Advice

Full members can enjoy 1 on 1 China related consultancy with Stephen Perry.

Valuable Membership Network

You’ll have access to a valuable Membership network comprising senior figures in both governments, and over 500 active members representing an expanding cross-section of UK-based companies operating in China.

Equality and Mutual Benefit

Induction into successful trading relations with China, based on the principle of Equality and Mutual Benefit, Pingdeng Huli, the 48 Group’s motto since 1954.

The 48 Group Club Videos

The club regularly uploads new videos of interesting and thought provoking speeches, event highlights and China commentary. These videos are only available to club members. Please click the button below to find out more about applying for membership of the club.