Chinese Ambassador’s speech at 48 Group Club Chinese New Year Dinner quoted in The Times

In Club News by Stephen Perry

As some of you may have seen, The Times published an article on 8 February discussing the future prospects for relations between the UK and China after Downing Street confirmed that Prime Minister May would be visiting China later this year.

There had been some concern in China following Mrs May’s visit to the USA, where, according to The Times, she “offered to help the US stop the West from being ‘eclipsed’ by an ‘assertive’ China in a speech to senior Republicans”.

Now, Number 10’s confirmation of May’s plan to visit China can be seen as a positive move to maintain the “golden era” momentum initiated by David Cameron and President Xi Jinping.

Referring to the Ambassador’s speech at our New Year dinner, The Times stated: “Liu Xiaoming, the Chinese ambassador, told George Osborne at a new year dinner in London: ‘In a world of uncertainty, we have every reason to pull together rather than to pull apart’.”

To read the full article in The Times, entitled ‘May heads east to charm uneasy China’, please click here. (Please note this site requires registration.)