The 48 Group Club Stephen Perry Meeting with Wang QiShan

Stephen Perry meeting with Wang Qishan

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Stephen Perry, Chairman of the 48 Group Club, welcomed to a private meeting by Wang Qishan in Zhongnanhai, the leaders compound in Beijing. The two have known each other for over 30 years and enjoyed a chance to meet again. They discussed many issues including how the West needs to understand China’s history, its current and longer term plans. The prospect for new forms of trade and investment in new contexts was also discussed.

Discussions also included scope for cooperation in Africa and BRI. Stephen’s father was remembered in the discussion.

Stephen was accompanied by Professor Peter Nolan from Cambridge, known as the famous Professor in China. Professor Joan Robinson and the famous Dr Joseph Needham were key to the formation of London Export Corporation in 1952, and then the Icebreaker visit to Beijing in 1953. The 48 group was formerly called the British council for Promotion of International Trade. The link between the 48 Group and Cambridge University continues as strongly today as 66 years ago.

Nick Earlham, Chairman and founder of Plexus also attended the meeting. Together with key LEC and 48 Group executives Roger Shapiro and Mina Liu.

The meeting was friendly and warm, and drew on history extensively.

CCPIT Chairman and staff also attended