The 48 Group Club Job Vacancy – Chief Secretary

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About 48 Group Club

The 48 Group Club is an independent business network committed to promoting positive links with China. The Club’s history goes back to the early 1950s, when the founding “Icebreakers” were the first Westerners to break through the worldwide trade embargo on China and establish mutually beneficial trade relations with the newly formed People’s Republic of China.

The Club now has over 350 British and Chinese members, both corporate and individual.

Member companies and institutions vary in size from the multinational to the micro and come from all sectors: industry, commerce, government, education, sports, culture and the law, and others are high-level politicians, diplomats, academics and individuals and groups focusing on cultural relations.

The Club offers an extensive programme of events that are an important – and often key – means of establishing and maintaining contacts (guanxi) for those active in building friendly relations with China in any field from commerce to culture.

About the role

This is an exciting role that connects together every aspects of the Club, from strategy to operations. This role directly report to the Board and interact with all stakeholders of the Club, but mainly the board members and external operation supporters.

This role is designed to be on a permanent part time basis – three days a week, with a great degree of flexibility to arrange his or her own day.  There is also a high chance of evolving into a full time position.

Key responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Serve as the Secretary of the Board
  • Convene and organize board meetings periodically;
  • Develop and communicate agenda beforehand;
  • Take and finalize minutes during the meeting; and
  • Follow up with actions


  1. Manage the Club Membership
  • Maintain the membership database – record and update members information;
  • Manage renewals and new applications for joining the Club;
  • Ensure membership fees are communicated and collected timely and correctly; and
  • Produce membership reports.


  1. Organizing events
  • Fully understand from the board the Design and high level plan of the event, not only the operational requirements but also the strategic value and nuances;
  • With the support of event facilitator, implement the Design and Plan of the event;
  • Produce and distribute invitations and manage guest list;
  • Liaise with hosts/sponsors/supporting bodies over logistics and requirements;
  • Provide analytics and database support to the event facilitator;
  • Monitor and report event budget and expenditure and payment collection;
  • Manage media coverage, if any; and
  • Collect feedbacks after the event.
  • Key flagship events include the 48 Club Chinese New Year dinner of circa 500 people.


  1. Maintain the club website and newsletter update
  • Develop content for the website as per the Board’s direction;
  • Keep the website up to date with news additions;
  • Ensure the look and feel of the website is appropriate;
  • Manage the contract with website host/IT support;
  • Edit and design newsletter and send out to members; and
  • Respond to general enquiries to the Club.


  1. Reporting to the Treasurer, manage the finance of the Club
  • Manage the contract and relationship with the accounting firm – book keeping and tax;
  • Facilitate the communication and administrative support between the Treasurer and the accounting firm; and
  • Develop management reporting for the Board.


  1. Any other business directed by the Board


About the candidate

  • Attention to details
  • Ability to work autonomous with proactivity
  • Strong inter-personal skills
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Prior similar experience is a must, especially in company secretarial and event organising tasks
  • Fluent, if not native, in both English and Chinese mandarin – spoken and written
  • Accounting and financial management knowledge and experience are preferred but not essential
  • Legal working right in the UK is required


  • Should you find this position interesting, please apply to Ruili Liu