President Xi calls for multilateralism to light up way forward amid pandemic, recession

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With so many countries still struggling with the Covid-19 pandemic, the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, like much else, has this year become virtual only. But numerous world leaders still took the opportunity provided to give their views on some of the key issues facing humanity. China’s Xi Jinping was among them – the second time he has addressed the forum. As before he made a stout defence of his vision of globalisation and reiterated China’s stand in favour of multilateralism and against protectionism. With President Trump, Xi had a clear foil for his remarks. It remains to be seen how all this will now play out with a very different occupant in the White House. It’s certainly an issue that we’ll be observing and studying closely. In the meantime we offer this article from Xinhua for information as a useful summary of the Chinese president’s remarks.