About Women's Icebreakers

The 48 Group Club Women’s Icebreakers was set up to establish firm links between women in the UK and the women of China. The 48 Group Club Women Ice breakers will work closely with women’s groups in China to promote friendship and understanding.

The early involvement of one prominent woman in the original Ice Breaker Mission of 1953, Professor Joan Robinson of Cambridge University, provides a fine and honourable link with the Club’s past.

The 48 Group Club’s history goes back to the early 1950s, when the founding “Icebreakers” were the first Westerners to break through the embargo and establish mutually beneficial trade relations with the newly formed People’s Republic of China. Recognising the increasing importance of close communication in a globalised 21st century, the 48 Group Women’s Club aims to exchange views and foster understanding in the development of relations between our two countries.

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Women’s Icebreakers Lunch with Madame Hu, December 2013

In the run up to Christmas, the Women’s Icebreakers were invited to lunch with the Ambassador’s wife, Madame Hu Pinghua at the Ambassador’s residence. It was a privilege to be entertained at their home and to discuss the issues which concern women in both environments – from a cultural and social point of view as well as from the working and economic perspective.

There was plenty of lively discussion and the opportunity to meet new members and exchange views – as well as an opportunity to swop ideas. The event was rounded off with a photo call.