George Yip to launch new book at Imperial College on June 2nd

In Club News by Stephen Perry

The 48 Group Club is please to announce that George S. Yip would like to invite any members to attend his book launch at Imperial College on June 2nd.

The new book is based on four years of research about the management of innovation in China, written while George was based at China Europe International Business School in Shanghai.

The book, entitled China’s Next Strategic Advantage: From Imitation to Innovation has many endorsements, including from Lord Browne:

“Yip and McKern deliver a comprehensive and insightful study of innovation in China that should challenge business leaders to think carefully about how to benefit from China’s growing expertise. As China’s capacity for innovation continues to develop rapidly, the authors provide an important reminder: China’s market is not just too big to ignore, but now offers companies that are willing to engage in the market essential learning that will help them remain competitive for years to come.”

Lord Browne, Chairman, Huawei UK and L1 Energy; former CEO, BP