Message from Stephen Perry

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Dear Friends

As you may know I long since passed what used to be the customary retirement age.  However, there is always a time to step aside. For the last five years I have stayed in office to guide us through a challenging period.

I now feel able to move on. I need to focus on writing my memoirs and some other projects. I have really enjoyed studying China with my son Jack and my Deputy Chairman and friend Keith Bennett.

The board has now voted for my son Jack Perry to take my place as Chairman. He will bring a fresh and more youthful flavour to our work.

The Board has also elected me to be the Honorary President and, in particular, I shall continue with my focus on

So please join me in congratulating Jack and in giving him our full support in building a new 48 Group Club.

Thank you to everyone for your support, advice, and friendship.

Stephen Perry